12th Jun 2024

John Jenkins Designs Preview: Bunker Hill

THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL, 17th JUNE 1775.THE ASSAULT ON THE REDOUBT AT BREED’S HILLBoston was the third largest town in North America, and stood on a Peninsula connected to the mainland by a neck …

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24th Apr 2024

John Jenkins Preview: Nubian Mercenaries

The country of Nubia was divided into distinct regions such as Yam, Irthet and Wawat, but all the peoples were known to the Egyptians as the “vile” Kush, which was the Egyptian name for the country …

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26th Mar 2024

John Jenkins Preview: Macedonian Army

The Macedonian phalanx was an infantry formation developed by Philip II and used by his son Alexander the Great to conquer the Achaemenid Empire and defeat armies of other kingdoms.Phalanxes remaine …

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31st Oct 2023

John Jenkins Pre-order: StuG III G

German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G (Sd.Kfz. 142/1)Sturmgeschütze Abteilung Grossdeutschland, Third Battle of Kharkov, February-March 1943The following model will only be available for Pre-order until t …

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25th Sep 2023

A Call to Arms: John O'Brien

How long have you been collecting, John?Started with AIRFIX plastic kits and Britains hollow cast figures at a kid in the 1960’s and progressed to the 1:32 scale figure kits by Historex from the Nap …

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