LPBLD009 Alleyway and Corner Add-on Set 2 (Vietnam)

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Alleyway and Corner Add-on Set 2 (Vietnam)

This set complements our previously released Vietnam War Buildings, turning the facades into a real street! Available in 2 versions with different posters and flyers, this product includes: 3 crates, 1 barrel, 2 pavement sections (corner and small straight) and a back wall created out of concrete blocks, corrugated iron, wooden beams and barbed wire. Not sure which version you like best? Why not get both! With a 4th façade in pre-production, these sets will be a welcome add-on for many collectors, either to create small alleyway in a longer stretch of street, or even as a double-width alley, with the two corner sections finishing off the ends of this block of buildings. A few palm trees or bamboo stands behind the corrugated panels create a feeling of extra depth. Models made by King & Country and used with kind permission.