KCVN120 Full Metal Eightball

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Full Metal Eightball

Eightball is a black member of the Lusthog Squad who combat correspondent Joker joins to get a close up view of the fighting in Hue during the TET Offensive of 1968. As the squad moves into the city Eightball is sent ahead to scout-out an area and gets ambushed by a lone female Viet Cong sniper. The squad medic rushes forward to help the wounded Eightball and is also shot by the sniper who puts a second bullet into the black Marine. At this point, the squad leader, Cowboy hesitates to risk anymore casualties and wants to withdraw when Animal Mother leaps to his feet and charges forward firing his M60 from the hip in a bid to rescue Eightball. The rest of the squad follow him.

Animal Mother's brave, foolhardy assault on the enemy sniper allows the rest of the squad to advance to a better forward position. VN120 K&Cs Eightball struggles to get off the ground after being shot by the V.C. sniper, his M16 in front of him.