24th Dec 2021

King & Country: Aussies in Vietnam

Some exciting news from Andy Neilson!

"Merry Christmas To Our Mates Down Under!
After we sold out of our first Australian Army M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier we left behind more than a few collectors who wanted a ‘second’ one to add to their first or never managed to obtain even that first elusive model.
And so, as I like to say, K&C decided to begin work on one more M113... Actually two in fact... ‘TWO ZERO ALPHA’, a troop commander’s vehicle and ‘TWO NINE JULIET’, the troop sergeant’s vehicle. Both for 2022 release.
Here is ‘TWO ZERO ALPHA’ paired-up with our original ‘TWO TWO BRAVO’ and some new blokes, also for 2022 release.
All the best and... Merry Christmas!""